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1) Finding people to host house concerts ~ 700 Words

So you’ve been thinking you’d like to give house concerts a try.

First of all: Do it! House concert touring has been the most rewarding and successful model for touring that I’ve yet discovered as an independent artist. I’ve made more fans, earned more money, and had more fulfilling experiences on my last two summer house concert tours than with any other kind of touring I’ve ever done. So much so that I just published a how-to book to help empower other artists to do the same thing.

So where do you start? How do you find people to host these amazing house concerts you’re going to do? It’s a topic that I go into in detail in my book, and here are a few starter tips based on what I’ve learned booking my last 150 or so house concerts:

1. Do donation-based house concerts.
Unless all your fans are doctors or lawyers or something, they probably don’t have stacks of extra cash lying around to pay for a private concert in their home. But if you structure the event as a donation-based concert, then you earn money based on the collective compensation of guests filling the donation vase after you’ve wowed them with an amazing show.

What this also means is that when you’re putting out the word to get people interested in hosting, you can tell them that it won’t cost them any money up front to host a house concert. If they know they won’t have to shell out big bucks, you’ll get a lot more responses from potential hosts.

2. Broadcast far and wide.
Send out a newsletter to your email list, and post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and any other place where you have connections with people. Tell everyone that you have an idea for a really cool event but that you’ll need their help to make it happen. Then after you’ve sent out those messages, send out more messages. Remember that list emails get opened by only about 15% of recipients on average, and any individual Facebook post may only be seen by 10% of your followers. So be (gracefully) persistent in getting your message out there. Don’t be afraid to ask – you will be surprised at how excited your fans will be at the opportunity to do something unique and awesome with you.

3. Start with friends and family.
If you don’t yet have a substantial group of fans from which to draw, then start by asking friends and family members to be hosts. I’ve done house concerts at my mom’s house, my dad’s house, and two aunts’ houses. If you have any amount of pride that keeps you from wanting to perform for your family and friends, you should work on getting over that immediately. These are the people who love you the most, and they can be a really great foundation upon which to build the group of people who will become your core fans.

4. Find evangelists.
The most important quality in any host that you work with is that they are someone who is a fan of you as a person, and who will be excited and enthusiastic about sharing you and your music with their friends. In the model we use for our house concerts, all the guests are there by invitation of the host, so you can see how this quality is really important. Plus, if all the people coming to the show have been given a ringing endorsement of you by the host, then you’re a good bit of the way toward earning a bunch of new fans before you’ve even played a note.

5. Collect email addresses at your house concerts.
When you’ve wowed a room full of people with a memorable and unique house concert experience, there will definitely be at least a couple of people in that room who will be thinking, “I’d like to have one of these shows at MY house.” And the next time you send out a message to your email list about house concerts, they will get their chance, and you’ll benefit from some genuine viral fan multiplication.

I’m excited to share the methods that I’ve developed from my own house concert touring, because I am excited at the idea of helping other independent artists to grow your careers, on your own terms, in a sustainable and highly fulfilling way.


2) The new DASH diet for a healthy living ~ 400 Words

A diet plan involves the practice of eating foods in a regulated manner. This is usually done with the aim of decreasing, maintaining or increasing the body weight. The majority of the diet plans incorporate physical exercises for more effectiveness in weight loss. Presently, new trends are emerging and better diet plans are being discovered. The Dash diet is one of the latest diet plans of 2014 that have been welcomed with open arms. Nutrition experts term it as a diet plan that is perfect for individuals who want to control their blood pressure. The word DASH simply means Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension. This is a clear indication that the major aim of this diet is to fight high blood pressure and related diseases.

The aim of the dash diet
This particular diet has been created to help people with hypertension. It helps to prevent or even lower high blood pressure. It is all about focusing on a healthy eating pattern that will manage to deflate the high blood pressure without affecting the waistline.

How the diet works
The new diet focuses on calorie intake sand how best to regulate eating through consumption of proper food. It takes the user through the journey of finding the right calorie intake. This is usually determined by the age of a person and his or her activity level. The diet then clearly indicates the ideal source of the calories to be consumed and the ones to be avoided. It also emphasizes on minimal intake of salt.

What are the major benefits of the diet plan?
As a user, following the rules of the diet plan will make you achieve tremendous benefits. Losing weight is one of the benefits of this diet. Yet on the face of it, dash diet can help to lower blood pressure. This consequently minimizes the risk of heart diseases, stroke or even heart failure. It helps to increase good cholesterol in the body and minimize that which is bad. The Dash diet also shows favorable results when it comes to the prevention and control of diabetes.

Dash diet is very heavy on fruits and vegetables. The diet has less emphasis on sugar, saturated fats and salt. Apart from fiber, this diet involves foods that are rich in potassium, calcium, vitamin D and Vitamin B-12.

Indeed, the Dash eating program provides an avenue for you to give your body the right nutrients it needs on a daily basis. It is a new way to lose weight and it helps one to stay within his or her calorie goals. As long as you follow the plan strictly, it can yield amazing results.