FAQs for Writing Content Services

Here’s some of our most Frequently Asked Questions:

* Q: I’ve never heard of Writers 4 Rent. Who are you?

A: Writers 4 Rent is a business owned by SJW Ventures (York). Since 1996 we have owned our own websites and have numerous income streams from various aspects of online marketing. We continue to run our own websites, and also offer services such as content writing, to other businesses, giving them the benefit of our years of experience, and trials and errors.

* Q: Why can’t I just pay right away instead of emailing you first?

A: We have found that ordering content is a bit more subjective than ordering ‘tangible’ goods, meaning that expectations vary from one person to another. We have found that it is mutually beneficial to have a short dialogue prior to entering into a business transaction, so that each party is clear on what to expect from the job. This makes for happy customers and a smooth deal. It also helps forge a long lasting relationship.

* Q: Why do your prices vary so much and why does it cost more for more words to be written?

A: Two factors are at work here. Firstly, depending on the level of detail you specify for your articles and the subject matter you choose, this will result in more or less time spent on the article. For example articles based on historical artists influenced by da-da-ism would be harder to write than a blog post on last night’s TV. Secondly, after around 700 words, more research is inherantly needed on the subject. An ebook would require a lot more work to write than individual articles of the same word count, and much of the actual substance of the articles can be re-used (whilst still being unique content) as they won’t all be linked together in exactly the same place (unlike a book).

* Q: Do you always deliver within 48 hours?

A: We say 48 hours as a guide only. Over 80% of our orders are fulfilled within 24 hours and 95% within 48 hours. However, for the sake of missing the arbitrary deadline by a few hours, we would rather ensure we deliver quality content to our customers. It is extremely rare that we miss the 48 hours delivery by more than a few hours.

* Q: Why do I have to pay through PayPal (I don’t have an account)?

A: PayPal is a world leader in online payment processing and is safe and secure. You do not need to have an account and you can pay by all major credit and debit cards as well as bank transfer and e-check. If for some reason you have difficulty using PayPal just let us know and we can arrange for you to undertake a direct bank transfer to us.

* Q: I’ve seen articles for sale for $2. Why should I pay you more?

A: The articles you see for $2 are worth $2. They are either ‘spun’ content (meaning a software program changes words in an existing article with synonyms) or are written by people who do not have English as a first language (meaning your articles are in broken English). We only use ‘human’ writers who are from the UK or USA, have English as a first language, and who are University educated. Place an order with us and you’ll see the difference.

* Q: How exactly do I order some work to be done?

A: In a nut shell, you choose what type and quantity of content you would like, contact us with specific details, get a reply from us, agree the work, pay the invoice we email to you, and then receive the work. For a more detailed break down see the How to Order page here.

* Q: Is my work guaranteed?

A: Yes. We offer various guarantees about the content we provide. Please see our Guarantee section here.

* Q: If I am not satisfied will I get a refund?

A: We will do our best to ensure you are satisfied with the work we provide. This starts with a discussion before you pay, and even after delivery of the work, you can request revisions. If you are still not satisfied we will offer a full refund, but the work will remain our intellectual property, and we will check to ensure you are not using it.

* Q: Why are there different ‘styles’ of writing?

A: We offer a range of writing styles depending on what the content is hoping to achieve, where it is going to be shown, and the context in which it will be read. For example a product review would be subjective and relativley informal whilst a well researched informative article may take on a more formal tone.

* Q: Will my content be original, unique and belong to me?

A: Yes indeed. All our content is newly created and is is 100% unique and passed by CopyScape. Once you accept the work, all rights to the content is yours.

* Q: Do you keep the content for use on your own sites or to re-sell to other people?

A: No. You pay for the work, so the work is yours to keep. The only time we would ever keep the content is in the rare event that you are totally unsatisfied with the work provided and any revisions we make and you get issued a full refund. In  that case, you have not bought the content, so it is ours to use, and we will actively pursue anyone who proceeds to use the same content.

* Q: I am not sure what I need. Can you advise me?

A: Yes of course. Whether you are asking technical questions, or simply do not know what type of content would benefit you most, or any question inbetween, just contact us and ask a question.

* Q: Is paying you to write my content against Google’s (or any other search engines’) rules?

A: No. All you are doing is outsourcing work. This is no different to employing somebody in your office to write content, or paying for a website to be built. You may be asking this if you are mixing it up with paying for backlinks to your site, which is against the search engine rules and can harm your website rankings if you get found out. Paying for content is fine.

* Q: Who are your writers? Are they working in a foreign sweat shop somewhere, getting paid peanuts?

A: Our writers are all UK or USA citizens who have a good level of education. They all work on a freelance basis (though we have some who are practically full time with us) from wherever they choose to work. Some travel the world or live in exotic locations and use freelance writing to generate a good income and to maintain their chosen lifestyle. Others are students, stay at home parents, or regular people who treat this as any other job.

* Q: Am I locked into a contract with you?

A: No. You pay for the work you have asked us to do. We deliver it and that’s that. Hopefully you will become a long term customer but there are no contracts involved.

* Q: I have a load of keywords I want you to optimise my content for. Can you stuff them all into one ‘super article’?

A: No. We won’t do that. We could do that if we just wanted your money, but the days of keyword stuffing and over-optimisation are long gone. There is nothing wrong with sprinkling (in fact it is beneficial) a few related keyword terms in any given piece of writing. This re-enforces what the article is about, but you should really only have one main key phrase per article.

* Q: When I receive my content, will it be nicely formatted with colours, fancy fonts, bold, italics, and other things to make it look nice?

A: No. We have found that due to the variety of software programs and how they are each coded, along with the different preferences from webmasters and the uses of the content, that it is highly problematic to produce ‘advanced’ formatted text. The only formatting of the content will be ‘basic’ things like paragraphs, sentences, punctuation etc.

* Q: I have heard about ‘spinning’ software. Why should I pay you when this software will give me unique content too?

A: The simple answer is that spinning software sucks! Yes, the software can churn out hundreds of variations of your original article by changing words for their synonyms, but it is not intelligent enough to know the context of the words. For example it may change the work ‘glasses’ for ‘spectacles’ whereas in reality it should have changed it to ‘tumblers’ or ‘cups’, meaning the spun article is nonsense. It is possible to spend 20+ hours on a 400 word article, trying to make it spin ok, but the outcome will never be as good as a human re-witer. Oh, and Google is wise to detecting spun content too.

If your questions are not answered above please contact us here.